Landscape Services

Home Maintenance Services the Way YOU Want It…

Maintenance services are provided in one of two ways … You Choose:

  1. Platinum Monthly Maintenance Agreement with mandatory service for the months of February through November, and optional during the other two months. You may cancel at any time without penalty. (See below for included services)*
  2. Service As Needed, with all labor and materials billed for the work requested.

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* Platinum Maintenance Agreement services include at least the following:

  • Assess the condition of the property at the beginning of each visit.
  • Check plants for disease and bug infestation and treat as required.
  • Normal trimming (grooming) of trees and shrubs as required.
  • Fertilize three times a year (February, July, and September).
  • Monitor and set irrigation controls seasonally.
  • Visually check the irrigation system to insure there are no leaks
  • Repair any plugged or defective (spaghetti) lines and emitters. (If the repair is in the main larger feeder lines, the labor cost will be billed).
  • Add compost for winter protection (only certain plants) during December.
  • Make every attempt to understand and implement Client’s preferences and instructions.
  • Cleanup, blow, and remove debris.
  • Weed control by removal and spraying; pre-emergents available separately.